What is the Salaam Association?

The NPO Salaam Association
The purpose described in the Article 3 of the bylaws of the Association reads as follows:

This corporation shall promote peace, friendship and goodwill between the general public of Japan and the people of Kuwait. It shall deepen the understanding on the Middle East countries among the Japanese general public and introduce them to the Japanese society while introducing the merits of Japan to the Middle East countries. It shall further pursue the purpose of promoting human and economic exchanges, engaging in necessary support activities and thereby contributing to the peace in the Middle East.

Salaam Association
1-53-15 Funabashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Japan 156-0055
TEL: 03-3789-2617,   FAX: 03-3789-8025

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Salaam means “peace” in Arabic.

In Arabic speaking countries and areas, they greet, “السلام عليكم, As-Salaam-alei-kum”, literally “Peace be upon you.”

This is generally considered as equivalent to “Good day.”

Response to this is, “Wa Alei-kum-salaam.” Literally “Peace be upon you, too.”