Our projects

Name Activities Dates Venues
Friendship and Goodwill Project
  • Cultural exchange.
    Promotion of exchanges between foreign students from Kuwait and people who have visited Gulf countries.
  • Oversea visits for friendship and goodwill.
  • Preparatory education for oversea travelling.
    Promotion of cultural exchanges through introduction of Japan and understanding of the current status of the Middle East countries.
As necessary


As appropriate

Visit to Kuwait and the Gluf Countries.

Promotion and Enlightenment Project
  • Management of the homepages.
  • Study sessions and public speech events.
  • Publication of Salaam Quarterly bulletin.
  • Information sharing to revitalize economic activities.
Two annual seminars to introduce the Middle East situation are planned. Tokyo.
History Research Project
  • Posting the results of researches on websites.


For details, read “Salaam Quarterly Bulletin.”
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Also read “Reports on the Middle East.”
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